Webmaster and Author: Dr. Antonino Cucinotta
Graduate in Physics
Electronics and Telecommunication Teacher
at the Industrial Technical High School "ETTORE MAJORANA" of MILAZZO (SICILY)
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How many false lights dazzle us leaving in the pitch darkness our soul!
How many megawatts of false lights wasted all over the world as to want hide the only true light of Christmas: Jesus Christ!
Jesus' light costs nothing and don't weight our oil bills.
Yet how many mens don't want to see it and they want to replace the warm light of the love with the cold lights of the advertising signs and displays that visualize every kind of fatuity, as to make us forget the only unequivocal Christmas' message: to love each other.
How many Christians abdicate to the unchangeable cosmic charm that emanates from the manger, replacing it the with a fir glimmering by cold lights, whose only " life " is the one simulated by the electronic automatisms?
How many children that in the third world suffer the so called "digital divide" would be very happy to stop and admire an humble manger, but they aren't able to do it because they are victims guiltless of the destroyng cruelty of anyone feeds the war to sell weapons, denying the peace announcement of Christmas?
How many Christians, in Italy and in the rest of the world, in the schools and in the work places, instead of behave as Christ's soldiers, they abdicate to announce the birth of Jesus in the manger, as if they were ashamed of the their faith in the comparison with other religious cultures?
To compare each other doesn't mean to behave cowardly, abdicating to the role of apostle of the faith that every Christian has to practise with courage, coming in extreme case of the persecution even to the martyrdom.
The first categorical imperative, of which Christians have to feel the impelling need, is the awareness of their religious creed, of their really convinced and not epidermal faith, applied day by day in their life by means of the coherence of living by the light of the precepts of the Gospel.
From the awareness of the faith everything derives. Only Christ's Word has to mould the life.
To be a Christian means to appreciate the true values of the existence: the respect for the human life in all its aspects,the respect and the love for the neighbour, solidarity, justice, availability, meekness, equanimity, ability to reconcile the consciences with the correct sentences pronounced at the right moment, to not to be conditioned by the bad examples, unfortunately globally and real-time broadcasted by the mass media, used only with the aim of economic interests and not of social and cultural promotion.
I am not speaking about an utopian world. We see day by day the ravage produced all over the world from the non-respect for the evangelical precepts: wars, usury, fatal accidents in the work places, because of guilty non-observance of the safety regulations, with the aim of reducing costs, exploitation of the prostitution, pedophilia, drugs, mediatics depravation fed by obscene, vulgar and blasphemous shows, crammed with stupidities, and moreover the mass-stupidity that is produced, above all in the teenagers, by the maniacal use of pocket telephones and videotelephones, increased consciously with the availability of not essential services the telephone companies publicize with incessant effects on the mind of the a few shrewd consumers, to try in all the opportunity to convince them of the necessity of their use.
The more disastrous consequences of all the above-mentioned evils concern above all the young people, if they don't dispose in their family and in the school of validate educational models based on practical examples.
The unaware use of the advanced technology products, in the lack of religious, moral and cultural values, determines in the young people destroying effects , which are assimilable to an authentic
" electronic drug ", for which I have coined the expression "cellular stupidity ". Therefore the announcement of the true Christmas, not of the Christmas of the markets, is the only starting point to begin a work of mass conversion of the consciences , remembering the Augustinian sentence "Come back into yourself, don't seek the Truth outside yourself , because the Truth is inside yourself "



by the author of peoplephysics